Soylent: Food for People Who Don't Like Food

And now it's out to ruin your coffee...

Soylent. It’s not just people anymore.

That’s right, there’s an actual product on the market named after the 1973 Charlton Heston film where an overpopulated future world of people unwittingly eat one other in powdered form. And, it’s a food product. A super food product, in fact.

Soylent is an open source meal replacement drink that provides 400 calories worth of your body’s daily nutritional requirements.

The company has actually been around for a few years, selling its original shakes and powders, which are vegan, don’t spoil, and taste blandly indiscriminate. The product was developed as a way to create affordable, convenient and sustainable food, and the company’s goals are to reduce food waste and make hunger a thing of the past.

Well, Soylent has added a new product to its arsenal – Coffiest – for those busy mornings where you just don’t have time to eat breakfast. With approximately 150 mg of caffeine to kickstart your morning, each bottle of Coffiest offers Soylent 2.0’s comprehensive nutritional profile with the added benefits of a caffeinated beverage and rich coffee flavor.

It’s a cool theory, but I’ve also read a lot on the founder of this company and he basically started it because he found eating meals while working for a start-up to be a tremendous hassle. I wonder if, as it expands into more product categories, Soylent will begin to lose its identity.

I mean, at which point does this stop being a revolution and just becomes a sugar free Slim Fast?

There is really nothing less appealing in the world than this, but welcome to the party, Coffiest. The worst party ever.