X5 Bulkflow X-Ray System

The X5 Bulkflow is an advanced X-ray inspection system for bulk loose, unpackaged and free-flowing food products.

Loma Systems — a leading manufacturer of high performance metal detectors, checkweighers and X-ray inspection equipment for the global food industry —  has further strengthened its X5 X-ray Series with the addition of its X5 Bulkflow model. The X5 Bulkflow is an advanced X-ray inspection system for bulk loose, unpackaged, and free-flowing food products.

Loma’s X5 Bulkflow X-ray System offers industry-leading detection levels for loose products on a wide variety of foreign body contaminants, including ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless metals, stone, ceramic, glass, bone and dense plastics, regardless of their shape, size or location within the product. This ensures optimum quality checks and brand protection at all times.

In practical terms, the types of loose, unpackaged and free-flowing products the X5 Bulkflow can check and detect are endless, and include meat, poultry, convenience foods, frozen products, nuts, berries, dried fruit, lentils, cereals and vegetables before they are packaged or used as ingredients in finished products.

The X5 Bulkflow can even be used to inspect raw products prior to the production process — for example, straight from the field where stone or glass might be present — plus it can even detect soft contaminants such as dirt. Clearly the consequence of a solid item such as a stone could cause serious machinery damage further down the production line and no consumer wants to find dirt in their salad, making the X5 Bulkflow a valuable investment.

To maximize production line profitability, the X5 X-ray Series is proficient at detecting and managing rejects, by reducing reject errors and so ensuring re-inspection costs are for genuine rejects only. For handling rejects, the X5 Bulkflow is available with optional single-flap, dual-flap, multi-flap or carriage retract band reject options to suit the existing production line setup.                                                               

Loma’s X5 Bulkflow is IP66-rated and designed for low pressure wash-down, and incorporates a FDA/EU-approved quick-release belt as standard. What makes the X5 Bulkflow hygienic and low maintenance are its sloping surfaces to stop food particles and wash-down droplets from accumulating in crevices, plus the belt can be easily and quickly changed.

On a production line with multiple products, the X5 Bulkflow facilitates quick product changeovers as it has the ability to store hundreds of product profiles. It automatically saves information with date and time for auditing and includes a high-speed USB sensor and Ethernet connection for easy reporting. Built for demanding 24/7 operations, it boasts automated setup and remote diagnostics.

Featuring an intuitive full-color touch screen, Loma’s X5 Bulkflow is extremely easy to use with minimal training requirements, and is available in multiple language options, plus there is peace of mind with the built-in security controls to help manage who can access the system.

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