Modular Construction Enhances Case Sealer Applications

Quicker changeovers and easier maintenance access combine with a more compact footprint.

Ma Massman Hmt Mini

Massman Automation Designs (Vilard, MN) offers its new compact HMT-Mini top only case sealer with features and functions that include:

  • Modular construction that allows specific features to be changed out.
  • Can apply glue or tape at speeds of up to 1,500 cases per hour. An optional, more advanced sealer incorporating extended compression can seal at rates of up to 3,000 cases per hour.
  • Heavy-duty construction and quicker changeovers.
  • A transparent enclosure and interlocked Lexan access doors on either side in providing greater access to the machinery.
  • Can handle standard cases up to 18” long, 16” wide and 16” deep.
  • A footprint measuring 110” in length and 36” in width. It has an infeed height of 24” and can include either a drop gate or metered automatic infeed.