CBD Snacks Sell Out in a Week

The chews are made with American-grown hemp, whole fruit and no added sugar.

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NatureBox, LLC recently began selling its line of CBD fuit chews. Since announcing the launch of its wellness line at the Arcview Investor Forum in February, thousands of customers have signed up for early access to this limited release pre-sale.

"NatureBox has always appealed to millennials who seek healthier, delicious snacks, so the strong demand for our CBD Wellness line is no surprise," said John Occhipinti, Chief Executive Officer of NatureBox.  Millennials are the most wellness-conscious generation in today's workforce, and are increasingly turning to CBD and other adaptogens to combat stress."

"Most people who seek CBD for anxiety reduction are turned off by the thought of carrying around an eyedropper and vial to drip tincture droplets under their tongue," added Kathryn Flouton, Vice President of Product.  "We designed our CBD snacks to be a convenient and delicious option for health-conscious customers who seek the benefits of CBD but don't want all the junk found in gummies such as corn syrup and artificial colors."

A serving of six chews contains 25 mg of CBD and zero THC. They come in three flavors: pineapple, passion-berry and watermelon-lemonade.  A bag of five servings retails for $19.99 with a NatureBox membership.  The chews are made in the U.S. with American-grown hemp, whole fruit and no added sugar.  They are gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. All batches are tested by third party laboratories to ensure purity, potency, and 0.0 percent THC content.

Launched in 2012, NatureBox was acquired in 2018 by Wheelhouse Partners, which refocused it on wellness for consumers and businesses. NatureBox products are available online and in Northern California Costco warehouses.