No Necco, No Problem in Getting Candy Hearts

The company has attracted clients like J.Crew, Google and Kim Kardashian.


Although the Necco brand of iconic candy hearts won't be available this has developed their own version with a unique feature. Customers can design them online and the website will print custom messages on the candy hearts in edible ink, and deliver them before Valentine's Day.

MyCustomCandy offers custom printed candy hearts through its website starting at $48 for 350 pieces, and has attracted clients like J.Crew, Google and celebrities like Kim Kardashian. The company was founded in 2014:

"We had a small minimum order of 350 pieces for $48 and let anyone print anything on the hearts - even if it was totally inappropriate...", Hannington said. "One year an order came in with the wildest phrases we had ever seen and we went, 'Well okay, let's just print it'.' A few days later, one of our workers says, 'Kim Kardashian just snapchatted our candy,' sure enough it was her order."

Kardashian has become a regular customer and even used the MyCustomCandy hearts as a key component for he perfume launch in 2018.

After 42 rounds of formulations, MyCustomCandy was able to develop their own candy hearts formulation and custom molding. So if you're missing candy hearts this year due to the shortage, for a cool $48 you can have your candy and eat it too, with whatever you want printed on it.