Modular Indoor Ag Systems Prevent E.coli, Other Contaminations


(PRNewswire)  Grow Pod Solutions, a leading agtech company and developer of automated micro-farms, has announced the availability of its new modular indoor agricultural systems can grow herbs and vegetables without exposure to the contaminants that can occur with other farming methods. This is especially important given the recent recalls of lettuce due to E.coli contamination.

GrowPod uses modular, stackable pods that feature proprietary technology to monitor every detail of plant growth, including light intensity, nutrient delivery and oxygen levels."We are leading the drive to provide consumers with 'Super Foods' that are clean and healthy," said George Natzic, President of Grow Pod Solutions. "Our exclusive high-grade clean agricultural system eliminates harmful pathogens, and grows food with farm-to-table freshness and 100 percent traceability."

GrowPod allows businesses, restaurateurs, grocery stores, schools and others to grow fresh food on-site without pesticides or chemicals. The system uses sterile water and purified air in a sealed and filtered environment, theoretically eliminating sources of contamination. The company's patented bipolar air ionization reduces airborne pollutants by delivering charged oxygen molecules that neutralize chemical compounds and sterilize pathogens, mold and bacteria.