Grubhub Details Food Trends of 2018

Chicken, poke and more spice lead shifting consumer tastes.

Chicken Fried Rice Poke

(PRNewswire)  Grubhub, a leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery service, released findings from its annual "Year in Food" report. Grubhub analyzed millions of orders placed by more than 16 million diners on its platform and surveyed consumers across the country on their ordering tastes and eating habits.

According to Grubhub's ordering data, The foods seeing the strongest rise in popularity included:

  1. Bean Burrito - 276 percent more popular
  2. Poke - 205 percent more popular
  3. Chicken Slider -  189 percent more popular
  4. Baby Back Pork Rib - 165 percent more popular
  5. Chicken Burrito - 164 percent more popular
  6. Chicken Sandwich - 160 percent more popular
  7. Cauliflower Rice Bowl -  155 percent more popular
  8. Chicken and Waffle Slider - 145 percent more popular
  9. Parmesan Chicken - 139 percent more popular
  10. Buffalo Cauliflower - 124 percent more popular

Grubhub also noted:

  • While poke bowls are still hot, they've fallen to #2 this year, seeing "only" a 205 percent increase in popularity, compared to a 643 percent rise in popularity last year.
  • The top breakfast items reflected a shift towards healthier options - Peanut Butter Acai Bowl (350 percent more popular) and Detox Juice (193 percent more popular).
  • Spicy items led late-night food trends. The two items seeing the most growth in popularity included  Stuffed Jalapenos (169 percent more popular) and Spicy Miso Ramen (167 percent more popular).
  • The top dessert items were Brownies (413 percent more popular) and Oreo Cookie Cupcake (316 percent more popular).

In addition to examining ordering trends on its platform, Grubhub also surveyed those who have ordered food in the past three months to understand their points-of-view on how food, food delivery and pickup impacted their lives in 2018. Key takeaways included the top five reasons why people order in:

  1. Didn't feel like cooking (43 percent)
  2. Satisfy a craving (30 percent)
  3. Saving time from cooking/cleaning (28 percent)
  4. At home game night/movie night (25 percent)
  5. Family night dinner (24 percent)

Other facts included:

  • Nearly one in five respondents order for pickup or delivery after having a baby.
  • 71 percent of respondents said they've argued with their significant other about what to order, with 23 percent saying they "frequently" argued about it in the past year.
  • Eating at the office is a common occurrence. Of those surveyed who have ordered at work, 43 percent do it more than twice a week, and 35 percent order 2-4 times per week.