Eliminating Changeover Times for Filling


PASE Group (Eagan, MN) offers its Dual Lance Semi-Automatic Drum and Tote Filling Machine. Features and functions include:

  • Semi-automatic net weight filling while allowing for two different products to be filled by the same filling machine.
  • Two precision-made proportional fill lances mounted on separate ball screw drives that deliver independent top, inside or bottom filling of drums or totes.
  • Each fill lance operates under its own PLC-based filling recipe.
  • The equipment looks to provide faster product changeovers, no product cross-contamination and the ability to fill different size drums with two products on the same pallet.
  • Top fill, inside fill or bottom fill operation.
  • 3A-rated stainless steel fill lances.
  • Options include explosion-proof controls package, flush stations, pump carts and a wide variety of gravity and smart powered conveyor packages.