Security Breach: Breaking Down the Dole Foods Ransomware Attack

The perfect storm of outdated tech, porous security on new platforms, and a lack of intel on recent hacks.

Joining the ranks of high-profile ransomware attacks at Nissan, Colonial Pipeline, JBS Foods, Schneider Electric and even Foxconn, is Dole Foods.

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The global food processor was the victim of a ransomware attack in early February that led to shutting down production systems throughout North America, and halted shipments to numerous retailers and distributors.

As if this wasn’t enough to help illustrate the continuing rise in ransomware attacks on the manufacturing sector, Dragos recently reported that such attacks surged 87 percent in 2022. Joining us to discuss the Dole Foods attack, and lessons learned from it, is Travis Wong, VP of Risk Engineering and Client Services at Resilience Insurance, a leading provider of cyber risk management solutions.

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