Hard Mountain Dew to Hit Stores Early Next Year

PepsiCo and Boston Beer are partnering on the new malt beverage.

While alcohol-infused root beer has been on the market since at least 2010, no major commercial soda brand has followed with their own “hard” version. Until now.

PepsiCo and The Boston Beer Co. announced Aug. 10 that they’re partnering to produce Hard Mtn Dew.

The companies say consumers should expect to find it on shelves in early 2022.

Hard Mtn Dew will have an ABV of 5%, zero sugar, and no caffeine. It will come in three flavors.

Boston Beer will develop and produce the product, and PepsiCo has set up a new entity to sell, deliver and merchandise it.

Best known for its Samuel Adams brand, Boston Beer Co. also produces Truly Hard Seltzer, Twisted Tea and Angry Orchard.

In its Q2 earnings report in July, Boston Beer noted that demand for Truly Hard Seltzer was lower than expected.

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