Suja Life Acquires Slice Soda Brand

The company plans to revamp Slice's look and ingredients.

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Suja Life LLC

SAN DIEGO — Suja Life, a leading functional wellness platform and parent company of Suja Organic and Vive Organic, on Tuesday announced its acquisition of soda brand Slice.

With the addition of Slice, Suja Life’s better-for-you beverage portfolio expands, continuing the momentum that began in 2022 with its acquisition of Vive Organic. The deal represents Suja Life’s continued dedication to offering beverages that provide incremental health benefits with low sugar and clean ingredients.

Under Suja Life’s innovative guidance, Slice will be reintroduced in 2025 with a fresh look and revamped formula featuring pared-down clean ingredients.

Slice is a popular fruit-flavored soda that was first introduced in the 1980s to much fanfare. While the improved ingredients will bring a new healthy soda option to Suja Life’s portfolio, the flavors and taste profile will resemble the classic, nostalgic sodas people know and love. The relaunch of Slice will not just be an all-natural, low-calorie soda, but one that delivers advantages for gut health with superior nutrition, function and taste.

“We believe that choosing a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t mean giving up on flavor or enjoyment,” said Maria Stipp, CEO of Suja Life. “With the acquisition of Slice, we are making it easier for consumers to choose a better-for-you beverage. We all want to feel good about what we drink while still enjoying great taste, and Slice does that while providing functional benefits and low sugar.”

The acquisition comes on the heels of Suja Life’s recent CEO transition, with Maria Stipp ringing in a new era for the parent company, and Suja Organic’s entry into an entirely new category with the launch of its plant-based Protein Drink line.

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