Kraft Mac & Cheese Heads to Freezer Aisle

"Deluxe" provides macaroni and cheese with minimal prep, cooking time and clean-up.

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PITTSBURGH and CHICAGO — Kraft Mac & Cheese on Wednesday announced the brand’s first venture into the freezer section for its "Deluxe" offering, now rolling out in major retailers nationwide.

Kraft Mac & Cheese Deluxe Frozen is a single serve meal available in two mouthwatering flavors, Original Cheddar and Four Cheese. The products feature perfectly cooked macaroni pasta covered in a creamy, homestyle cheese sauce and topped with real cheddar cheese.

People are turning to their favorite comfort foods more than ever before, and as life becomes increasingly busy, most are regularly purchasing frozen foods for convenience. As the makers of America’s favorite comfort food, Kraft Mac & Cheese is responding to fans’ evolving needs and preferences with a delicious and ultra-comforting new frozen option. Deluxe Frozen requires minimal prep, cooking time, and clean-up, all while maintaining the Kraft quality and taste.

“At Kraft Mac & Cheese, we believe in the positive power of comfort,” said Rachel Drof, Director of Brand Communications, Kraft Mac & Cheese. “As we look to create new offerings, we lead with comfort as our north star. With the new Deluxe Frozen offering, we are excited to invite our busy fans to a Deluxified experience and to take their comfort to the next level.”

However, as the temperature outside begins to increase, it becomes much more uncomfortable to visit the freezer aisle. Kraft Mac & Cheese believes that its fans deserve Deluxified comfort any time – even when shopping in the ice-cold frozen section during the warmer months. To solve this frustration, the brand is releasing a new, limited edition Frozen (A)isle Sweater to make shopping for new Deluxe Frozen as comfortable as eating a warm bowl of it.

Inspired by the classic Fair Isle sweater design, The Frozen (A)isle sweater features a lush and comforting sweater base in KRAFT’s signature blue box color, Deluxified with alternating rows of our iconic noodle smile and snowflakes. The Frozen (A)isle Sweater will be available while supplies last on for $19.99.

In celebration of the launch of the new Deluxe Frozen, Kraft Mac & Cheese is also releasing three comforting new :15 spots as a part of its larger “Help Yourself” campaign. Created by Johannes Leonardo and directed by Ian Pons Jewell and Yukihiro Shoda, the new spots feature main characters Deluxifying their comfort. From doting grandmas to a giant cuddly cat and a huggable hot water bottle, the spots personify that next level comfort you get from a warm bowl of Kraft Mac & Cheese Deluxe Frozen.

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