Fermented Food Holdings Acquires Sauerkraut Business

Company officials said the deal would add critical supply chain and distribution capabilities.

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MIAMI β€” Fermented Food Holdings Inc. announced Tuesday that it has acquired the Great Lakes Kraut Foods' Sauerkraut business from GLK Foods LLC, uniting FFH's portfolio of premium fermented food brands with GLK's leading sauerkraut brands and extensive supply chain capabilities.

"We are encouraged by the results from the other brands in our portfolio, Bubbies and wildbrine, after integrating our traditional CPG discipline with the entrepreneurial teams in those great businesses," said Oliver Joost, FFH's co-president. "We believe that the acquisition of GLK's sauerkraut business will add critical supply chain capabilities and distribution reach to unlock our next chapter of growth."

"The GLK team is excited to welcome the acquisition by FFH of its sauerkraut business in Bear Creek, Wisconsin," said Ryan Downs, president of GLK. "FFH has a vibrant portfolio of brands to add to those of the GLK sauerkraut business and offers a business approach that will be an excellent fit for a business that has been family-owned for four generations. We have complete faith that our business is in great hands with the FFH team, and as a new FFH shareholder, I am particularly excited to watch the brands grow and see the positive impact on the local community."

"With the acquisition of the GLK sauerkraut business, we gain capabilities in procurement, packaging solutions, and distribution that are very strategic to our vision," said Jorge Azevedo, FFH COO. "The combined group will maintain a relentless focus on quality, customer service, and innovation as it seeks to deliver value to consumers, customers, suppliers, employees and many other constituents."

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