Jose Cuervo Unveils Metaverse's First Distillery

Cuervo is no stranger to bringing tequila to places it's never gone before.

Jose Cuervo Metaverse Image

Jose Cuervo has announced that it will open the first distillery in the metaverse. As the first tequila producer and founder of the still-operational oldest distillery in Latin America, Cuervo will open the very first "metadistillery" in the 3D virtual world Decentraland this summer.

According to research from The Harris Poll 1, seven in 10 Gen Zs and millennials are interested in interacting with the metaverse. Recently, brands across industries, from retail and fashion to food and beverage, have launched activations in the metaverse to tap into this growing curiosity. That's why Cuervo is opening the first "metadistillery" in Decentraland. It hopes to be the first spirits brand that brings fans 21+ together for unforgettable virtual experiences, tequila education, limited edition products and entertainment.

"Cuervo is no stranger to bringing tequila to places it's never gone before—we were given the first license to distill in Tequila, Jalisco where the Cuervo family created the national spirit over 260 years ago, and still produces it today," said Lander Otegui, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Proximo Spirits. "Cuervo first came to the U.S over 70 years ago. It's time for Cuervo to take on a new frontier and bring tequila to new audiences by opening the first-ever distillery in the metaverse."

Cuervo is collaborating with a group of digital experience experts and designers to bring the metadistillery to the virtual world, including agency partners Ache and Tangible. Renowned food and beverage experience designers Bompas & Parr will create the aesthetic and consumer experience in the distillery, while M2 Studio will build the virtual space in Decentraland, and program the user experience.

More information will be available on social media at @josecuervo on Facebook and Twitter and @josecuervotequila on Instagram, as well as at

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