Grey Poupon Unveils Limited Edition Wine

It's the first-ever white wine infused with Grey Poupon mustard seeds.

Grey Poupon Wine Business Wire

PITTSBURGH & CHICAGO--()--Inspired by its French heritage, Grey Poupon is giving people a reason to slow down and savor their time at the table–starting with lunch, which is often rushed–with an exciting new endeavor. In pursuit of making lunch feel like a feast, Grey Poupon is introducing a limited-edition white wine, La Moutarde Vin, the first-ever white wine infused with Grey Poupon mustard seeds.

La Moutarde Vin is a celebration of the white wine used in the beloved condiment’s one-of-a-kind Dijon recipe, in contrast to the majority of Dijon mustards that use vinegar. This full-bodied Viognier 2020 has bright hints of spice and pronounced citrus and floral characteristics, balanced by vibrant acidity. It is best served chilled, and pairs perfectly with a classic croque monsieur, Dijon maple-glazed salmon, or a beautiful meat and cheese charcuterie board and of course, Grey Poupon.

“We’ve watched as leisurely lunches have been replaced by food delivery apps and deskside speed snacking,” said Danielle Coopersmith, brand manager for Sandwich Enhancers, Kraft Heinz. “Here at Grey Poupon, we want lunch to feel worthy of savoring again. That’s why we crafted the concept of a limited-edition white wine that’s perfect for those who want to take back lunch and make every meal an opportunity to treat yourself.”

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, a fan of Dijon mustard or just want to have your lunch and enjoy it too, you can purchase a bottle of La Moutarde Vin with an 8oz. jar of Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard for $30 while supplies last by visiting

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