Powdered Goods in High Demand from Quarantine Baking

Saco Foods says it's had five times the normal volume for their dry buttermilk, baking cocoa and powdered milk since shelter-in-place orders ramped up.

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MIDDLETON, WI β€” As more and more people are staying put inside their homes in an effort to "flatten the curve" and mitigate transmission of the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19, they are turning to activities that provide a source of comfort. One such activity is baking. People are baking not just for entertainment but because baking requires using pantry staples over fresh produce, something that is in high demand as the country increasingly practices social distancing.

Saco Foods, the company behind Mix'n Drink powdered nonfat milk and Saco Pantry's powdered buttermilk and baking cocoa, has seen a significant increase in demand since the federal government and states started recommending shelter-in-place practices.

"The legacy of Saco has been to produce goods that bring families together," said Tom Walzer, CEO of Saco Foods. "Those moments are even more valuable in this time of uncertainty and I am honored that we are able to give families a reliable source of comfort and nutrition."

For many Americans who have newfound time on their hands, home baking serves as a way to feel productive and provide a warm distraction from the onslaught of news about the virus. It is no surprise that the social media hashtag #QuarantineBaking has taken off. From sourdough starters to making pasta from scratch, people are sharing their creations to communities near and far.

Due to the increased volume in sales of pantry staples and baking ingredients, Saco Foods has experienced five times the normal volume for their dry buttermilk, baking cocoa, and their most popular product: Mix'n Drink, a powdered milk which lasts for up to two years compared to the average 5-7 day shelf life of liquid milk.

Saco Foods

While remaining open to fill demand, Saco Foods is placing top priority on the safety and well-being of all workers. In addition to its rigorous food safety practices as an SQF Level 3, the highest food safety standard in the industry, the company is implementing sanitation and training efforts to provide a safe working environment and ensure safe, quality food for the public. Saco Foods is also working closely with their dedicated trucking team to speed up timely deliveries to stores. To thank employees for their continuous work to bring essential items to people across the country, the company is distributing bonuses to all employees.

Saco Foods is a distributor of specialty consumer packaged goods selling primarily to supermarkets and mass retailers in the U.S. recognized for its commitment to quality and unique, innovative products.

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