Tito's: Don't Use Our Vodka As Hand Sanitizer

What a waste of good vodka.

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The ongoing global coronavirus outbreak has led to a surge in demand for sanitizer products and personal protective items, including many that are ineffective against preventing the person-to-person spread of the COVID 19 virus that has infected more than 100,000 people as of Friday morning and killed more than 3,300.

As consumers stockpile such products, others are turning to homemade remedies seen on social media or other unproven sources.

One of these includes using liquors as part of a mixture to create a sanitizer, stemming from the misguided belief that the alcohol content can be effective.

This trend has risen to the point that Austin, TX-based Titos Vodka Tweeting disclaimers in replies to other consumers saying that consumers shouldn't use their vodka to make this remedy, citing that the Centers for Disease Control states that hand sanitizer needs to contain at least 60 percent alcohol, whereas Titos contains 40 percent and would not meet the CDC's recommendation. 

"As soon as we saw the incorrect articles and social posts, we wanted to set the record straight,” a spokesperson for Tito’s said in a statement provided to The Dallas Morning News. “While it would be good for business for our fans to use massive quantities of Tito’s for hand sanitizer, it would be a shame to waste the good stuff, especially if it doesn’t sanitize (which it doesn’t, per the CDC).”

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