Sanitary Filter Receiver

Suitable for food grade and USDA-3A dairy applications, the Moovinator sanitary filter receiver cleans up processes quickly and easily.


Moovinator sanitary filter receiver has been cleaning up processes for over 15 years. The original sanitary filter receiver was developed specifically for and by operators. Ergonomics combined with line of sight internal inspection created the worlds safest filter receiver. Quick and easy access to product zone is done though a sliding hinged clean air plenum. This feature allows for fast internal access without the need of removing media. All access is from one side. Compact size is well suited for low headroom applications. Designed for both pressure and vacuum convey, our robust TIG welded housing has proven robust and durable in real life applications for over a decade. Moovinator HL is available in a range of sizes from 2” diameter convey lines to 5” diameter. All tool free dis-assembly including simple snap in filter media. Options include explosion mitigation, CIP cleaning, expanded surge capacity and multiple configurations. Suitable for general industrial, food grade and USDA-3A dairy applications.

HAF Equipment, Inc.

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