Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Bagging Machine

The BVR 230 VFFS Bagging Machine is a continuous vertical form-fill-seal machine that is geared to the needs of the snack food sector.


Rovema North America – a subsidiary of Rovema GmbH, which designs and supplies packaging machinery for the food industry – has introduced a bagger geared to the needs of the snack food sector. The BVR 230 VFFS Bagging Machine is a continuous vertical form-fill-seal machine that, in addition to an integrated weigher, features an innovative rotating sealing tool arrangement that, in recent years, has been utilized in a range of Rovema machines.

The BVR 230 can produce up to 180 pillow bags per minute and, thanks in part to the D-formed movement of the sealing tools, perfect bag seal quality can be achieved with a wide spectrum of suitable film qualities. The machine’s weigher is mechanically and electronically integrated to the system to achieve the best possible performance without synchronization losses, and a mechanical, separately-driven cutting knife reduces wear and its associated downtime.

The machine is also highly user-friendly: the BVR 230 occupies a surprisingly small footprint given its high functionality, with all areas easily accessible for cleaning purposes; this includes the weigher, which is mounted directly on the vertical bagger. The control cabinet also is integrated – it is positioned in the machine housing on a removable mounting plate. The result is lower floor space requirement and exemplary maintenance accessibility.
All necessary packaging process operating parameters – including product filling time, sealing time, bag length, set performance, etc. – are entered, monitored and adjusted at a touch-panel HMI. The BVR 230 automatically calculates optimal operating settings based on this entered data.

Rovema GmbH

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