Twin City Foods, Smith Frozen Foods Announce Merger

The companies are expected operate under a new parent company called TCF Holdings.

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STANWOOD, Wash. — Two leading frozen food companies, Twin City Foods Inc. and Smith Frozen Foods Inc., have signed a term sheet to merge.

While the terms of the merger are still being finalized, it is expected that, post-merger, Twin City Foods and Smith Frozen Foods will operate under a new parent company called TCF Holdings Inc. The dynamic partnership represents a strategic alignment of resources and capabilities to meet customer's needs and meet market demand more effectively while supporting local farmers. The combination is expected to bring improved capabilities and efficiencies.

Twin City Foods takes pride in its over 80 years of leadership in the frozen food industry. From meticulous cultivation to seamless distribution, Twin City is committed to meeting the unique product and service requirements of our customers. The company harvests our vegetables at the peak of freshness so that each consumer can enjoy the garden-fresh goodness in every one of our products.

Started in 1919 and with a processing facility in nature's backyard, Smith Frozen Foods brings vegetables from the ground to freezer in minimal time, preserving the freshness consumers expect.

"This marks a pivotal moment for Twin City Foods as we take a significant step in the path of strategic growth that we have set for the organization," said Dale Goyer, COO of Twin City Foods.

Smith Frozen Foods CEO Gary Crowder added, "We expect customers to benefit from the synergies that the two companies will realize through the combination."

The merger is expected to close in the second quarter of 2024.

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