CHS Expanding Mankato Plant's Soybean Processing Capacity in $60M Investment

When upgrades are complete, annual refired soybean oil production at the plant will increase by more than 35%.

CHS' Mankato, MN soybean processing plant.
CHS' Mankato, MN soybean processing plant.
CHS Inc.

ST. PAUL, MN — CHS Inc., the nation’s leading agribusiness cooperative, has announced a major soybean refinery expansion and renovation project at the CHS Mankato, MN soybean processing plant, driven by global oil demand. The more than $60 million project is the second phase of CHS investments to capitalize on changing market dynamics and opportunities to grow market access. When upgrades are completed, annual refined soybean oil production at the Mankato facility will increase by more than 35%. 

“Trends in global consumption of refined oils such as soy, canola, and palm remain strong, especially in the renewable diesel sector, with projected continued tightening of stocks,” says Tom Malecha, CHS vice president, Global Grain & Processing operations. “We’re seeing tremendous opportunities to maximize our farmer-owners’ investments in high-performing assets and infrastructure.” 

Groundwork for CHS strategic growth plans to participate in burgeoning oil markets began in October 2019, with a 24-month construction project at its Fairmont, Minn., plant, which increased soybean crush capacity by 30%, and replaced outdated equipment.  

“We’re buying and crushing more local soybeans and transporting more crude oil to the Mankato plant for refining,” says Malecha. “We’re looking forward to being able to process even more of farmers’ soybeans into value-added products, which are in high demand by global customers in several market segments.” 

Along with improvements to fully optimize soybean oil refining, related Mankato plant improvements include upgrading and expanding the entire refining process, and improving  process flows to reduce operating costs. Project completion is expected in late summer 2023. 

CHS Inc. ( is a leading global agribusiness owned by farmers, ranchers and cooperatives across the United States. Diversified in energy, agronomy, grains and foods, CHS is committed to creating connections to empower agriculture, helping its farmer-owners, customers and other stakeholders grow their businesses through its domestic and global operations. CHS supplies energy, crop nutrients, seed, crop protection products, grain marketing services, production and agricultural services, animal nutrition products, foods and food ingredients, and risk management services. The company operates petroleum refineries and pipelines and manufactures, markets and distributes Cenex® brand refined fuels, lubricants, propane and renewable energy products. 

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