Perdue Farms Launches B2C E-Commerce Website

The site will initially offer an assortment of frozen items across some of Perdue Farms' most popular brands.


SALISBURY, MD β€” With nearly half or more of all shoppers buying perishables such as meat, produce and dairy items online*, Perdue Farms has launched a new e-commerce website that will offer a selection of its family of brands for sale directly to consumers at

The site will initially offer an assortment of frozen items across some of Perdue Farms' most popular brands including PERDUE, Niman Ranch, Coleman Natural, Sonoma Red and Skagit Red, with plans to add additional offerings over time as demand increases.

"As both online shopping and the demand for convenience show no signs of slowing down, we felt it was important to be in this space," said David Zucker, Perdue Farms senior vice president of e-commerce and new ventures. "We're excited that this is the first time we've been able to offer so many of our brands in one place, nationally. Now, consumers all over the country will be able to enjoy expanded offerings from our portfolio regardless of where they live, including heritage, organic, pasture-raised, pork, beef, chicken or lamb β€” all raised with no antibiotics ever by farm families with the highest standards of animal care."

All packaging from online orders is 100 percent recyclable. The foam insulation is made from water-soluble cornstarch, which can be composted or even disintegrated under running water and safely rinsed down a kitchen sink.

Each order includes a reusable shopping tote and a packet of bee- and butterfly-friendly seeds for consumers to plant in their yards or elsewhere around their communities to help the local pollinator population flourish.

Additionally, with each sale through this new website, Perdue Farms will make a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation to help offset the shipment's carbon footprint, which will equate to removing more than 70 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere per order.

Drawing inspiration from Perdue Farms' existing logo, the new e-commerce platform features dedicated branding and a modernized version of Perdue's iconic farmhouse graphic to represent the role that this channel plays in the company's total sales initiatives.

"Through our e-commerce logo's new tagline, we're giving a nod to our company's farming history, the family ownership and leadership that still exists today, and the farm families β€” many of whom are multiple generations β€” who partner with us to produce trusted, wholesome, high-quality products," said Chris Perdue, director of e-commerce at Perdue Farms.

"Our company is turning 100 years old this year. To make it this long, we believe we're doing something right. This includes keeping a modern, forward-looking mindset and constantly innovating. We are always listening to our consumers and striving to provide them with solutions that fit easily into their lifestyle. That includes not only offering the differentiated products people love, but also making the products available to buy through the channels where they prefer to shop," said Randy Day, chief executive officer of Perdue Farms.

Consumers can sign up at to receive additional information, regular newsletters, and current promotional offers, including 10 percent off their first order.

*According to a global survey of shoppers and retailers by IDC (International Data Company) for Precima, a retail analytics firm.

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