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UAW's Big Loss; Airbus Racer Concept; Panera's Charged Lemonade | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 171

Also on the podcast, 3D-printed cookies made of plastic garbage, Indonesia courts Elon Musk, electric truck maker announces big orders, a new way to make sustainable plastic and Boeing shareholders approve CEO's $32.8 million payday.

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Every week, we cover the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

Nickel-Rich Indonesia Pitches EV Battery Plant Plan to Elon Musk - @3:43

Nickel is vital in the production of EV batteries and solar panels.

These Edible 3D-Printed Cookies Are Made of Plastic Waste - @11:01

Can Microbites solve global problems over waste plastic and food scarcity? It's possible.

Panera Sued After Teen's Cardiac Arrest Linked to Charged Lemonade - @23:02

On March 9, 18-year-old Luke Adams drank a large Mango Yuzu Citrus Charged Lemonade at a Pennsylvania Panera. Later that day, Adams went into cardiac arrest.

New Airbus Aircraft Is Half Plane, Half Helicopter, All Fast - @35:06

Last week, Airbus unveiled the Racer, a new demonstrator aircraft. The Racer is the $217 million successor to the X3, which debuted in 2010.

Alabama Mercedes Employees Overwhelmingly Vote Against Joining Union - @41:34

On Friday, workers at a pair Mercedes-Benz factories in Alabama voted against joining the United Auto Workers.

In Case You Missed It

Electric Truck Maker Harbinger Announces $400 Million in Orders - @55:29

Customers include Bimbo Bakeries and Thor Industries.

Boeing Shareholders Approve CEO's $32.8 Million Compensation - @1:00:25

The company is finishing a 90-day plan for fixing its manufacturing problems.

A New Way to Manufacture Sustainable Plastic - @1:06:52

They say it's similar to a magnifying glass burning a patch of grass.

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