Lubrication Engineers: Food Grade Lubricants

LE’s high-performance lubricants help protect expensive machinery from severe operating conditions.

Lubrication Engineers manufactures a variety of oil and grease solutions specifically formulated to meet the needs of food, beverage and pharmaceutical operations.

LE’s high-performance lubricants help protect expensive machinery from the severe operating conditions often found in these types of facilities.

Food processing and packaging equipment requires tough, durable lubricants that can withstand conditions such as frequent washdowns, high contamination, and temperature extremes, all of this while meeting the prescribed health and safety criteria for food grade lubricants. 

LE’s food grade lubricants are proven performers, meeting stringent testing requirements and having been used for years to provide reliable protection for many types of equipment.

Typical applications include blenders, bottling machines, bottle washers, canning machines, cookers, conveyors, gearboxes, slides, hydraulics, and packaging equipment.

Regardless of an application’s load, environment, temperature and speed, LE has a suitable food machinery lubricant solution. 

The comprehensive food grade lineup from LE includes several types of grease, including high-temperature, as well as silicone spray, penetrating oil, gear oil, oven chain lubricant, and additive-free white mineral oil.

Many of the lubricants contain Quinplex, LE’s exclusive impact-resistant additive that contributes to outstanding tackiness, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and mechanical stability.

LE’s food grade greases and oils are registered NSF H1 for incidental food contact, and certified Kosher Pareve and Halal, providing a high level of industry assurance.

Knowledgeable, professional consultants and technical experts from Lubrication Engineers can advise you on the right product for your needs.

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