Lucid CEO's Salary; Hamster Wheel Ocean Cross; Cybertruck Loses Wheel Cover | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 136

Also on the podcast, barge sinks due to poor maintenance, broken pin causes plane accident, J&J ditches script logo, Toyota's new tri-gen system and the finalists for the toy hall of fame.

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Every week, we cover the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week: 

Lack of Maintenance Sunk $6M Barge - @2:38

A crane barge called The Ambition was being towed in the Gulf of Mexico when it sank on June 15, 2022 and released nearly 2,000 gallons of oil.

Root Cause Found in Plane That Suffered Wheel Collapse - @10:50

Investigators determined that a pin broke inside the left landing gear of an Alaska Airlines jet that came to rest on one of the engines after landing in California last month.

Cybertruck Loses Wheel Cover on Freeway - @16:52

As the long-anticipated – and much delayed – Tesla Cybertruck approaches deliveries expected this quarter, reports have emerged of prototypes spotted out in the wild.

Man-Made Hamster Wheel Tries to Cross the Atlantic Ocean - @25:18

An extreme runner named Reza Baluchi, was trying to traverse the Atlantic Ocean in a structure that resembles an adult-sized hamster wheel when the U.S. Coast Guard spotted him – and that’s where the trouble began.

Lucid CEO's Salary a Staggering $379 Million - @33:47

Peter Rawlinson, the CEO of EV startup Lucid Motors made an unbelievable amount of money last year. Rawlinson’s base salary is $575,000, but he also took home $5.5 million in stock options and some $373 million in stock awards for a total of about $379 million.

In Case You Missed It

Johnson & Johnson Ditching Its Script Logo After More than 130 Years - @44:13

It will replace the well-known signature script it has used since 1887.

Toyota Builds System that Produces Electricity, Hydrogen and Water - @47:17

FuelCell Energy and Toyota Motor North America have announced the completion of what they're calling the first-of-its-kind "Tri-gen system" at Toyota's Port of Long Beach operations. 

National Toy Hall of Fame Announces 12 Finalists - @53:09

Is it time for Barbie's sidekick to go from being "just Ken" to National Toy Hall of Fame inductee?

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