Ford CEO's EV Troubles; Sub-$20K Vehicles Dead; EV Worth More Than GM | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 133

Also on the podcast, the cars gone after 2023, Air Force invests millions in new plane startup, digital clones grow in popularity, pipe maker violates whistleblower protections and Mexico's fight over U.S.-made corn.

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Every week, we cover the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week: 

Air Force Gives Startup $235M to Build Sleek New Plane - @2:44

The United States Air Force is doling out hundreds of millions of dollars to help JetZero, a start-up manufacturer, build a jet with a blended-wing body.

These Cars Will Be Gone After 2023 - @12:16

The experts at Edmunds have highlighted the top models to be phased out this year.

EV Startup Valued Higher Than Ford or GM - @23:36

VinFast is a Vietnam-based EV startup that made its Nasdaq debut two weeks ago to great fanfare — though some say it was too much.

Last Sub-$20K Vehicle Reportedly Dead - @35:09

The cheap cars are getting even harder to find.

Ford CEO’s Road Trip Shows Challenges of EV Travel - @47:47

Earlier this month, Ford CEO Jim Farley announced a road trip across the American West in the automaker's F-150 Lightning.

In Case You Missed It

Digital Clones, Vocaloids Grow in Popularity - @1:00:31

A Japanese entrepreneur wants a world of digital clones, online avatars that could take on some of our work and daily tasks.

Pipe Manufacturer Accused of Violating Federal Whistleblower Protections - @1:08:01

The company allegedly fired an employee who requested protective equipment.

U.S. Escalates Trade Dispute with Mexico Over Modified Corn - @1:14:23

If Mexico is found to have violated regional trade rules, trade sanctions could follow.

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