Security Breach: 'The Edge Always Goes to the Attacker'

Embracing the "not if, but when" mindset when forming plans and selecting OT security tools.

Cybersecurity solutions provider Trellix recently unveiled their 2023 Voice of the CISO report. Among other topics, it explored the top 5 challenges cited by Chief Information Security Officers who responded to the Trellix survey. In order, they included:

  • Too many different sources of information.
  • A growing attack surface created by remote workers, increasingly complex supply chains and other social and business factors.
  • Changing regulatory mandates.
  • Difficulties retaining and recruiting staff with the necessary security skills.
  • A lack of buy-in from other parts of the company.

These results not only help shine a light on the universal complications of defending IT and OT environments, but the importance of having such conversations in the light of day. Proactive measures and universal support needs to be a priority in order to accurately respond to the evolving regulatory and business continuity efforts that surround industrial cybersecurity.

Joining us to discuss these and other topics is Karan Sondhi, Trellix’s Chief Technology Officer. Trellix is a leading provider of Extended Detection and Response strategies.

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