OnDemand: Industry 4.0’s Immediate Impacts on Food Manufacturing

The terms are used so often that they might become easy to ignore: Transparency, Traceability, the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0.

However, the reality is that these technologies continue to evolve and offer new ways for food and beverage processors to optimize workflow, eliminate downtime, remove production bottlenecks, respond more quickly to recalls, and improve margins.

With this in mind, we invite you to watch as Infor’s Mikael Bengtsson, Industry Strategy & Solution Director and Avaap’s Robin Irvine, General Manager Global Manufacturing, discuss the impact of new developments in data visualization and supply chain traceability.

We’ll look to get past the buzz words and into the real and immediate impact these technologies and their related strategies will have on the food and beverage sector.

Additional insight is available by accessing Infor's latest white paper: Improving Supply Chain Transparency in Modern Food and Beverage Manufacturing  

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