Famed Hot Sauce Maker Warns of Shortages

It could be a rough summer if you're particular about your hot sauce.

This time, however, supply chain issues aren’t to blame for a product shortage.

Instead, a bad growing season has impacted the chili peppers used to make Huy Fong Foods’ famed Sriracha sauce.

The company wrote to wholesalers that conditions in drought-plagued Mexico resulted in “a more severe shortage” of chilis.

Huy Fong officials said orders placed after mid-April for its Chili Garlic and Sambal Oelek sauces won’t be met until after Labor Day.

The company also won’t take any new orders for those sauces until September amid hopes for a better fall harvest.

Consumers are already feeling the effects — at one restaurant, at least, NBC News reports.

A Kentucky sushi restaurant wrote that it would stop offering Sriracha as a free condiment, as well as limit its “spicy mayo.”

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