Food Manufacturing's Recall Recap: Dole Salad; Tons of Beef Sticks, Ground Beef, Pizza

Here's the food recall and health alerts issued from the FDA, USDA and CDC over this past week.

Major Dole Salad Recall

Dole Fresh Vegetables has recalled dozens of Dole-branded and private label packaged salads processed at its Springfield, OH and Soledad, CA facilities containing iceberg lettuce. Equipment used in the harvesting of raw lettuce material used in the recalled finished products tested positive for Listeria. Affected products were distributed to 37 states.

14 Tons of Ground Beef Products

Interstate Meat Dist. Inc. (Clackamas, OR) has recalled over 28,000 lbs of raw ground beef products that may be contaminated with E. coli, the USDA’s FSIS agency announced Jan. 6. They were produced on Dec. 20 and shipped to retail locations in AZ, CA, NV, OR, UT, WA and WY.

15K Lbs of Misbranded Beef Sticks

Abbyland Foods (Abbotsford, WI) has recalled nearly 15,000 lbs of misbranded beef sticks containing undeclared milk. The smoked beef sticks were produced between Nov. 15-17 and shipped to retail locations nationwide.

Cream Puffs Recall Expands for Metal

Poppies International (Battleboro, NC) has expanded its cream puffs products recall to include the Taste of Inspirations Crème Puffs 30ct container that were made during Dec. 7-10, due to the possible presence of small metal fragments. They were distributed throughout 11 states.

1,500 Lbs of Misbranded Pizza

Kettle River Products (Askov, MN) has recalled nearly 1,500 lbs of misbranded chicken alfredo pizza that contain undeclared wheat. The frozen, heat-treated, not fully-cooked items were produced between Dec. 9-Jan. 3 and shipped to retail and restaurant locations in MN and WI.  

Detroit Supplier Recalls Baby Formula

Moor Herbs (Detroit, MI) has recalled its Angel Formula that FDA testing determined had iron, sodium and potassium content levels well over the maximum allowed. It also did not have Vitamin D. It was sold through the company’s Detroit retail store and online nationwide.

Undeclared Milk in Diuretic

World Health Products (Monroe, CT) has recalled Jetfuel Diuretic because it may contain undeclared milk. The GAT Sport Jetfuel Diuretic was distributed thru the GAT Sport online store, Amazon and nationwide retail stores.

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