The Pick SC Sanitary Heater

The Pick SC Sanitary Heater is a proven performer and is used for heating, cooking or sterilizing liquid or slurry-type food products on a continuous, straight-through basis.  By delicately injecting medium-to-high pressure steam directly into pumpable food products temperature gain is instant and accurate. This virtually eliminates slow batch processing and delivers product of the highest quality.

When compared to crude steam jet units the difference is Pick’s innovative variable-orifice injector and stationary helical flights that assure thorough but gentle mixing of steam and product within the heating chamber. 

Pick’s 3A authorized SC Heaters are non-shearing and can handle bite- sized pieces without damage to product texture and consistency.  It is gentle on products like salsa, starch & gelatin confections, pet & baby foods, sauces & purees, soy & process cheese to name a few.  Other common uses are heating CIP solution and nitrogen gas injection into mayonnaise or whipped butter to displace oxygen and extend shelf life.

Removable parts allow the heater to be disassembled in seconds for fast and easy inspection & clean-up.  It is manufactured in 316L stainless steel with sanitary clamp connections meeting stringent 3-A standards and is available in other materials. Optional components are available including filtration for culinary quality steam.

Pick Heaters dependable & precise process heating solutions since 1945.

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