Volatus Receives FAA Approval for Ag Drone

This allows Volatus to offer farmers the ability to capitalize on the benefits of precision spraying.

Volatus Aerospace has receives approval for commercial agricultural aircraft operations with drones.
Volatus Aerospace has receives approval for commercial agricultural aircraft operations with drones.
Volatus Aerospace Corp.

Volatus Aerospace Corp., a leader in the operation of piloted and remotely piloted aircraft systems (drones), announced that it has received authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the USA for Commercial Agricultural Aircraft Operations using drones. The Operating Certificate, issued under FAA Part 137, integrated with an exemption received in September 2023, allows the Company's US subsidiary, Volatus Aerospace USA Corp., to operate any drone approved for agricultural operations, including drones weighing 55 pounds (25kg) or greater.

Volatus currently generates revenue from the agricultural sector through the sale of equipment and provision of data services relating to crop management. The addition of the operating authority for heavy agricultural spray drones allows Volatus to offer farmers the ability to capitalize on the benefits of precision spraying while Volatus ensures regulatory compliance and safety. By simplifying the process, this solution is expected to increase revenues from the sale, charter, or operational support of agricultural drones in addition to providing recurring revenue resulting from the operation, management, and maintenance of these drones. In effect, Volatus becomes the aerial partner to its agricultural customers.

In addition, this FAA Operating Authority in the United States, combined with Volatus' Special Flight Operating Certificate in Canada (May 2023), allows the Company to offer these services to large scale clients in agriculture and forestry throughout North America.

"By continuing to align our drone operations with our commercial aircraft and helicopter operations, we are building confidence with global regulators," said Glen Lynch, CEO of Volatus. "This has allowed Volatus to obtain numerous special approvals for operations requiring Beyond Visual Line of Sight flights, higher altitude flights, and heavier aircraft operations not currently covered by today's regulations both in Canada and the United States. Each authority allows us to increase our service offering and generate greater revenues using advanced drone technology."

"Climate change alone is causing major challenges for agriculture," explained John Johnstone, Agriculture Product Lead for Volatus. "Agricultural drones are helping farmers adapt to today's reality by scanning every corner of a field to monitor crop health, soil conditions, and plant health and plan appropriate and timely treatment with the precision application of ag products enabling agronomists to increase crop yields and improve margins, while simultaneously reducing the negative impacts on the environment."

According to a recent MarketsandMarkets report, the agricultural drone market size is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 31.5% between 2023 and 2028, reaching a value of $17.9 billion by 2028 from a projection of $4.5 billion in 2023. Drones are used in various applications of agriculture, such as precision farming.

As Volatus Aerospace paves the way for the integration of cutting-edge drone technology into agricultural practices and beyond, the company remains committed to fostering sustainable solutions for the challenges facing industry. With this FAA approval, marking a pivotal moment in our journey, we look to redefine the future of aerial intelligence and cultivate a landscape where innovation meets sustainability.

About Volatus Aerospace:

Volatus Aerospace Corp. is a leading provider of integrated drone solutions throughout North America and growing into Latin America and globally. Volatus serves civil, public safety, and defense markets with imaging and inspection, security and surveillance, equipment sales and support, training, as well as R&D, design, and manufacturing. Through our subsidiary, Volatus Aviation, we are introducing green and innovative drone solutions to supplement and replace traditional aircraft and helicopters for long-linear inspections such as pipeline, energy, rail, and cargo services. Volatus is committed to carbon neutrality; the fostering of a safe, equitable and inclusive workplace; and responsible governance.

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