McDonald’s is Selling Candles that Smell Like its Food

The big question is, do you burn them together, or separately?


McDonald’s wants to enhance the homes of fans of its Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

The fast-food chain has launched a line of scented candles that mimic the smell of the classic burger.

The candles come in a pack containing six scents: Bun, beef, pickles, onions, ketchup and cheese.

The candle pack, available on McDonald’s brand merchandise website, is currently sold out.

Other items in McDonald’s “Quarter Pounder Fan Club” include a locket with a picture of the burger inside, and a Quarter Pounder wall calendar.

McDonald’s is also currently pushing customers to visit Monday, March 2nd for what it has dubbed “National Egg McMuffin Day.”

Participating locations will be giving out free Eggs McMuffins to users of the McDonalds mobile app.

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