Redefining Checkweighing Speed and Precision

New technology focuses on the growing demand for higher throughputs, increased weighing precision, and smaller line footprints.

Mt Flash Cell Food

Mettler-Toledo (Lutz, FL) recently unveiled their C-Series checkweighing systems with new load cell technology focused on improving throughputs. Additional features include:

  • The FlashCell™ load cells weigh food products at speeds of up to 800 ppm, with precision better than required by Measuring Instrument Directive (MID).
  • 3 different load cell types are in the FlashCell™ portfolio, so food manufacturers can select the appropriate load cell for their products, weighing a complete product range up to 10 kg.
  • Smaller footprints for limited factory floor space.
  • Weighing results with a standard deviation that's up to four times lower than the previous load cell generation - helping to reduce overfilling.
  • Shorter measuring times can be reached at high speeds. This allows the weighing conveyor to be reduced in length, with slower conveyor speeds helping to increase product handling stability. The complete length of the checkweigher itself can be reduced by up to 24 percent. 

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