ThinkTop V20 Pushes Boundaries of Valve Position Indication to Industry 4.0

It enables 360° LED visual status indication from all directions.

Think Top V20 Front
Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval (Lund, Sweden) announced the ThinkTop V20, the first pure valve-sensing unit that is maintenance-free and does not require manual adjustment or programming. It enables 360° LED visual status indication from all directions and provides convenient control-room monitoring of the real-time status of Alfa Laval hygienic valves used across the dairy, food, beverage, home and personal care, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other industries. 

Features include:

  • Design that digitalizes essential on-off valve monitoring
  • 40% faster setup than conventional valve indication units
  • Sensors that automatically recognize the valve type and size, calibrate and record valve opening and closing distances and complete setup without requiring manual interaction
  • Easy replacement or hot swapping of the valve top without disrupting production
  • Advanced aesthetic design and a range of communication protocols
  • Suitable for tight installations 
  • Hermetically sealed to ensure reliable readings of the valve position and prevent the risk of water, dust and other unauthorized access into the unit
  • Point-to-point IO-Link communication protocol that allows the connection of sensors to automation systems
  • Easy access to meaningful real-time data 

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