Label & Print QC System

The unit can be integrated with vision systems and provide whole-label inspection at speeds up to 80 meters/minute.

Antares Vision Print Inspector

Antares Vision (Travagliato, Italy) has introduced a high-resolution vision system providing inline layout inspection for webs and labels. Features of the AV Print Inspector includes:

  • Integration into new or existing labeling, printing or packaging machines.
  • Whole-label inspection at speeds up to 80 meters/minute.
  • Support for all major vision system tools and a wide array of layout features, including 1D/2D barcodes; optical character recognition (OCR) and verification (OCV); pattern matching; color check and pattern matching.
  • Capable of defining as many as 40 unique regions of interest.
  • Can either conduct quality control by referring to an imported image, such as a PDF, or via an algorithm that automatically calculates the inspection parameters, discriminating between fixed and variable data.
  • Inspection formats can be created directly by operators using an intutive graphic user interface (GUI) that does not require significant coding or vision systems experience.
  • 21CFR/11 compliant.
  • Can automatically generate batch and audit trail reports. 
  • Its sandard head size handles labels and web applications up to 4" wide, with 6” and 12” options available.


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