Surdry’s Continuous Sterilizer

Flexible thermal sterilization for various formats and products

Surdry’s new Continuous Sterilizer

Surdry provides solutions that enhance food and beverage sterilization processes while meeting evolving market demands. The company’s new Continuous Sterilizer technology offers steam consumption savings of up to 50% compared to batch retorts, promoting cost savings and more sustainable operations. With patents secured in Europe and the U.S., this solution can simultaneously process diverse package types and sizes, including cans, jars, pouches and more. This feature allows food manufacturers to increase efficiency.

Continuous Sterilizer technology enables food processing through its loading and conveying system, utilizing baskets or trays capable of handling various container sizes as per customer preference, either rigid or flexible. The food product travels through the system along the sterilizer tunnel, receiving the required heating or cooling treatment at each thermal station. Each station maintains a constant temperature, with complete insulation to prevent temperature transfer between them. Additional features of the Continuous Sterilizer include:

  • Flexible thermal processing for various formats.
  • Low average time of batch retort.
  • Robotic loading and unloading systems.
  • Airlock and tray transport lines.

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