Food-Grade Bulk Bag Filling System

Check out Material Transfer's new stainless steel surge hopper.

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Material Transfer (Allegan, MI) offers a new stainless steel surge hopper featuring:

  • The ability to collect and flow uniformly through a metal detector, ensuring a contaminant free bulk bag filling process.
  • Stainless steel contact surfaces.
  • Af10036 BluePainted using a finishing system designed for use in food and beverage processing.
  • FDA/USDA-approved for areas of direct and indirect dry food contact.
  • A high output filling system with a rotating bag support carriage for maximum filling efficiency and reduced operator fatigue.
  • The bag support carriage and fill head lower to a programmed operator height, then rotates for a “reach-free” bag strap connection.

Once the bag spout is sealed, the bulk bag is automatically inflated, filled to a specified weight and densified. Once the fill cycle is complete, the bag inlet spout and straps automatically release, the fill head raises, and the filled bag can be removed via forklift.


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