X-ray Inspection for Small, Single-Pack Products

The new unit promises a smaller footprint, quicker results and simplified maintenance.

Mt X34 C X Ray

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection offers their X34C x-ray inspection system for the detection of contaminants in small, individual packaged products at high-speeds. Features and benefits include:

  • A more compact footprint of 700 mm in length, which includes an integrated reject.
  • Operational speed of 120 meters per minute, making it possible to keep product inspection aligned with high-speed flow-wrapping machines and pack sealers.
  • The focal distance of the 0.4 mm diode detector and 100W Optimum Power Generator maximizes the probability of detecting small contaminants and helps to reduce the False Reject Rate. Because the power and contrast levels of these components are automatically optimized for each application, the system does not always need to run at its full 100W output, delivering power savings.
  • It can be connected to Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection’s ProdX™ data management software, which supports supply chain digitalization, compliance and traceability.
  • An air blast reject system to remove contaminated products at high speed.
  • Simplified access to all parts of the system from the front help improve maintenance functions.
  • It is rated at IP55 as standard for ingress protection, with IP65 also available for manufacturing environments that require a higher level of dust protection.
  • An Active Cooling function is also available to help improve the environmental performance of the system. 


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