Sampling Valve Extracts Product Without Disrupting Line

Semi-automated valve safely stores representative sample for laboratory.


Process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA (Somerset, NJ) has unveiled the Gericke Sampling Valve GSV. Installed at one or more points in a process, the Gericke Sampling Valve GSV enables an operator to extract a representative sample of material without stopping, diverting, or otherwise disrupting the production line. The sampling valve inlet is set inside a pneumatic conveyor, reactor, hopper discharge, or other equipment to eliminate the potential for human error in sample collection and for product loss due to mishandling while safeguarding the material in process from contamination. Sample integrity upon arrival for laboratory analysis is assured.

Suitable for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic and other manufacturers, the hygienic sample valve features stainless steel construction for sanitary processing and may be easily removed for complete cleaning. The Gericke Sampling Valve GSV is available in semi-automated and manual models and may be tested on fully operating equipment at the company's New Jersey test center., 855-888-0088            

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