Cylindrical Plow Blender for Problematic Bulk Materials

The unit achieves batch uniformity in ratios to one part per thousand.


A new Munson (Utica, NY) Cylindrical Plow Blender with feed hopper and intensifiers handles dry, fibrous, dense, interlocking or moist/oily bulk materials in batches up to 40 cu ft (1.13 m3).

A high-strength agitator shaft with radial arms rotates wedge blades at high speed within tight tolerance of a heavy-gauge vessel, creating a fluidizing action that keeps the material in constant motion, regardless of particle size, shape or density, imparting the required energy to achieve uniform blends. Two independently-powered, high speed tulip-shaped intensifiers produce any shear necessary to assist with dispersion.

The unit achieves batch uniformity in ratios to one part per thousand, blends significantly faster than trough-style horizontal mixers, and handles a greater variety of materials, including thinner pastes.     

Constructed of #304 or #316 stainless steel and finished to sanitary standards, it is suitable for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics or other applications in which clean-out is important to avoid cross-contamination.

It is equipped as standard with dual access doors on the side, a bottom discharge port, and air purge packing shaft seals. Optional are heating or cooling jackets, injection ports for liquid additions and various discharge and inlet configurations., 800-944-6644

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