Blentech Unveils Pre-Engineered Cooking Solutions

Minimize time, costs in food production.

Blentech Corporation Pre Engineered Solutions

SANTA ROSA, Calif. — Blentech has launched frontline cooking equipment in pre-engineered versions, drastically reducing both price and delivery time.

Pre-engineered solutions are derived from their most popular engineered parents with decades of proven usage in the food industry. The move directly benefits food processors by making a huge impact to allow for every budget and timeline. Prices are targeted to drop up to 50% while lead times are estimated to be as short as 12-16 weeks for all pre-engineered products.

For over 30 years, Blentech's cooking equipment has been based on a horizontal design that brings several benefits to food producers but used to require a higher capital expenditure in comparison to traditional kettles. Pre-engineered designs have now allowed Blentech to reach the price parity of kettles. As production demands rise, the hemispherical kettles (similar in profile to a vertical pot in your kitchen) can now be economically upgraded to more effective pre-engineered solutions. In today's modern food factories, horizontal cookers have become a necessity to meet the requirements for larger heating area, to develop flavors through complex processes like maillard browning and caramelization. This means a boon for the food processors as they can now readily improve their product quality, develop more flavorful foods as well as shorten their cooking time.

Despite market uncertainty and the high costs of food production, food processors can now rely on quick to market proven equipment to drive their production output, cost effectiveness or to simply maintain business continuity.

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