Energy-Efficient Food Drying Equipment

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BREWER, ME — Food and pet food manufacturers have their own unique way of making products, and therefore there’s a need for a wide range of solutions for the drying stage of production. Nyle Systems has created a new drying system that provides more flexibility and options to match customers’ optimal processing scenarios.

The Nyle Container Food Dryer features a dehumidification unit, air handling equipment, and touch screen controls that create a fully controlled climate within the re-engineered shipping container. Nyle Systems has been making drying systems in the USA for more than four decades, and the new container food dryer is just the latest evolution in drying that is being advanced by Nyle.  The customer can choose and customize racks, shelves, trays and/or carts that the product will be dried on within the container chamber.


One key benefit of using the Nyle Container Food Dryer is that it is pre-fabricated and can be moved. Therefore, it’s modular, and can accommodate facility expansion for customers that are short on a footprint to install a drying system within the walls of their facility. A recent customer installed their Nyle Container Food Dryer outside their walls, yet it is directly connected and has a convenient, wide entry door to the existing building.

Nyle Fd Container Dryer 1 256x300Nyle heat pump dehumidification systems facilitate reduction of product moisture content while maintaining quality characteristics such as color, texture, nutrients, and essential ingredients. Heat pumps are the perfect drying technology for applications such as healthy snack foods, seafood, jerky and pet treats where low temperatures and humidity control are critical. The new container food dryers are also ideal for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, pet food, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, tea and coffee.  A customer in Canada recently purchased a Nyle Container Food Dryer to dehydrate seafood.

In the tight, closed-loop container chamber, the customer can create the ideal climate for the food or pet product that’s being dried - their own atmosphere controlled by the touch of a button. The system’s touch screen and remote control access provide real-time data for temperature, relative humidity and air speed. Customers can create and store exact drying recipes for each food or pet treat to maintain product consistency and quality control.

Founded in 1977, Nyle is a leading manufacturer of industrial drying systems for the Lumber and Food industries as well as commercial heat pump water heating systems. Nyle’s mission is to enable Energy Efficiency and the Electrification of industrial and commercial processes, allowing its customers to transition towards a renewable, sustainable energy system. Since 2010 the company has doubled in size every 3-4 years and it expects to maintain this level of growth for the foreseeable future.

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