Compliance & Risk Mitigation Provider Food Portal Launches Cloud-Based Database

UK-based Food Portal provides risk assessments for every aspect of supply chain risk analysis, from raw material allergen exposure through the identification of manufacturing sites.


Food Portal Ltd today announced the launch of their cloud-based database, a new service designed to make industry-specific software available to every food manufacturer, instantly and affordably.

Supply chain vulnerabilities and material risk assessments have escalated in complexity. This has led to problems with processing information at site-level and exchanging information from supplier to customer. Food Portal solves both issues by presenting pre-configured risk assessments that simplify complex concepts in a format that allows this information to be shared efficiently.

Logo“We’re making industry-specific software accessible to every food company to support the entire supply chain. There’s the potential to both improve systematic capability at site-level and bring unity to the way assurance information is transmitted between companies.” Says Duncan Lacey, Director of Innovation.

Food Portal is dedicated to the food industry and in addition to quality systems software, the company has made available a directory of resources for technical and quality professionals. “We want to offer more and really enable people to work together cohesively” explains Lacey.

Increasing compliance demands from retailers and assurance standards, coupled with emerging threats along the global supply chain, has put food manufacturers in a position of having to constantly dedicate more and more resources into this area. Food Portal is uniquely positioned to deliver significant efficiency savings by rationalising the way assurance data is handled.

The service is now available from £314/US $439 per month (ex VAT). For more information on Food Portal, contact details and an overview of the system, visit, or follow them on LinkedIn.

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