Integrated Bagging Solution for Powder Processing

Powder Process-Solutions has debuted a sanitary, cost-effective, integrated solution for transfering powder from a dryer into bags.


1A plant-based protein processor was looking for a complete solution to transfer powder from a dryer into 25kg bags. Powder processing was required to be a sanitary, food grade design with a low-capacity bagging system that could be fully integrated. 

PPS provided a sanitary, cost-effective, integrated solution. System utilizes sanitary stainless steel construction while the bag is open and switches to carbon steel painted conveyors after product has been sealed for additional cost- savings. 25kg bag filling design included a check weigher, sealer, metal detector and accumulation conveyors so one operator can fill 8-10 bags/hour, then palletize manually. Customer is able to reclaim powder from the packaging process while utilizing effective dust management. 

The focus on customized, sanitary design and the ability to provide the project within a reasonable time frame set PPS apart from the competition.

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