Linear Motion Control System Offers Improved Flexibility

Magnetic propulsion allows the individually-controlled carts to quickly start and stop, reduce machine wear and provide for quicker changeovers.

I Trak 5730 Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation (Milwaukee, WI) offers their iTRAK 5730 small-frame intelligent track system that uses independent cart technology to improve flexibility and efficiency. Features include:

  • By using magnetic propulsion, the individually-controlled carts can quickly start and stop with high precision, which reduces machine wear and improves energy efficiency. The technology also quickly manages changeovers using pre-configured move profiles that can be implemented with the push of a button from an HMI.
  • It has a 50 mm minimum pitch for primary packaging applications, such as flow wrapping, end load cartoning, and form-fill-and-seal pouching.
  • According to Rockwell, the system easily integrates into a manufacturer’s architecture, providing analytics that help optimize energy use, monitor parts wear and reduce downtime.
  • Safety features include a  torque off, Safe Stop 1, a SIL 3, PLe safety rating and the ability to create safety zones.
  • Simulation capabilities allow users to calculate throughput, create a digital twin that can be used to virtually design, commission and demonstrate the system, and to virtually train workers.

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