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Digital Tech Optimizes CIP, Other Processes

The tool draws from the ABB Ability System 800xA DCS in support of routing and cleaning-in-place functionalities.

Bottled Water

ABB recently introduced their Ability Liquid Routing Library, which is a control engineering digital application for food and beverage manufacturers. Features and capabilities include:

  • The ability to draw from ABB Ability System 800xA, a powerful DCS that can support routing and cleaning in place functionalities.
  • Functionality covering applications wherever products are transported, stored or processed in tanks and lines.
  • Ready-made libraries, typicals, and templates for product routing, with recipe-based CIP, track and trace, preventive plant maintenance, and other Excel-based bulk data tools.
  • Alarm handling, alarm propagation between different units, queue handling for online production changes, control and supervision of process objects, interlocks and transfer of product and equipment settings like product codes, unit names and unit states.
  • It is estimated that the library will reduce project specific development time by 80 percent and the project specific software requirements by 60 percent

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