Allens Canned Vegetable Company Changes Name to Sager Creek

Allens announced its name change to Sager Creek Vegetable Company to reflect its new ownership. The Arkansas-based canned vegetable company said the product names will remain the same, including veg-all®, Allens Popeye Spinach® and Freshlike®.

SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. (PRNewswire) — Allens, the Arkansas-based canned vegetable company, announced a name change to reflect its new ownership and management.  Effective immediately, Allens will change its name to Sager Creek Vegetable Company.

"Sager Creek is a beautiful resource that runs through our hometown of Siloam Springs, Ark.," said Chris Kiser, CEO.  "Our company was founded in this region in 1926, and this place has nurtured and helped sustain our business. Our new name reflects our history and better positions us to strengthen our brands in the marketplace."

The company stated that product names remain the same, including Allens®, veg-all®, Allens Popeye Spinach®, Freshlike®, TRAPPEY'S®, Princella®, Allens Butterfield®, Royal Prince® and Sugary Sam®.

Sager Creek Acquisitions Corp. acquired the 87-year-old Allens, Inc., in February of this year. Kiser was named CEO in March. The company employs more than 1,000 people in Arkansas, Wisconsin and North Carolina.

About Sager Creek Vegetable Company
Sager Creek Vegetable Company is a national leader in canned vegetables. Every Sager Creek vegetable is proudly grown and packed in North America. The company's vegetables are sold nationally and internationally with manufacturing plants in Arkansas, Wisconsin and North Carolina.

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