NORD DRIVESYSTEMS to Display Durable, Cost-Effective Solutions

The provide precision, high starting torques and soft starts.

Smooth Body Gear Motor Web Rgb

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS (Waunakee, WI) will be showcasing their innovative meat and poultry drive solutions at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) January 24 – 2 in Atlanta.

NORD will be displaying these specialized solutions at booth BC-10127.

Smooth surface gear units and motors:

  • Corrosion resistant and wash-down ready solution
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Additional protection measures
  • Options include range of NORDBLOC.1 inline gear units, 93.1 helical bevel gear units and MINICASE™ gear units
  • Motor options include the HM and HMT series

nsd tupH™ sealed surface conversion system

  • Chemical process transforms the physical properties of the gear unit’s aluminum alloy housing
  • Resistant to contact corrosion from acids and alkalis
  • Lightweight, cost-effective alternative that is more readily available in a greater selection of gear unit options.

Overhead conveyor drives

  • Heavy-duty construction for high overhung load capacity
  • UNICASE housing
  • Spread bearing design with dry cavity
  • Mounting flange and output shaft
  • Overhead conveyor drives 

Screw Conveyor Package

  • Compact and cost-effective drive solution without inefficient and hazardous top motor mounts, pulleys, belts, or guards
  • Directly coupled gearmotor or standard NEMA C-face adapter in either a parallel or right-angle gear unit version
  • Versatile flange options with multiple bolt patterns, 3-hole or 2-hole tapered CEMA drive shafts, a QUADRILIP seal system for oil leakage protection, and material evacuation ports

IE5+ synchronous motors/DuoDrive integrated gear unit/motor

  • Smooth surfaces for high corrosion resistance
  • Easy cleaning in wash-down areas
  • Can be supplied with IP69K surface treatment or nsd tupH Sealed Surface Conversion
  • High efficiency performance and low maintenance requirements

DuoDrive integrated gear unit/motor design 

  • Combines a high-efficiency IE5+ motor with a single stage helical gear unit
  • Industry standard mounting dimensions and a smooth, wash-down aluminum-alloy housing enable easy cleaning, installation and can additionally be treated with IP69K surface treatment or nsd tupH sealed surface conversion

NORDAC ON/ON+ variable frequency drives

  • Integrated Ethernet interface
  • Full Plug-&-Play capabilities
  • POSICON integrated positioning mode
  • PLC functionality 
  • Can be wall or motor mounted and feature protection class IP55 or IP66

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