Condiment Maker Gold’s Pure Foods to Close NY Plant

The closure will lay off 48 employees.

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Gold’s Pure Foods, a manufacturer of horseradish, syrups, mustard and other condiments, is closing its sole factory.

54436346 2548461358562264 5783401861834866688 OGold's Pure FoodsThe company, which began in Brooklyn, NY in 1932 and moved its operations to Hempstead, NY in 1994, will vacate the Hempstead plant and sell its equipment by March 31, which is when the company’s lease for it expires.

The closure will result in the layoff of 48 employees.

Newsday cites a company statement from Gold’s Pure Foods sales and marketing executive vice president Bob Helland saying that the closure is attributed to a combination of the COVID-19 pandemic, aging production equipment and “changes in the marketplace.”

Foxs U Bet Syrup Chocolate V2Gold's Pure Foods"We are exploring options to continue the production of our world famous Gold's horseradish, mustard, specialty soups and sauces along with our Fox's line up of U-Bet syrups," Newsday quoted Helland. "We do not anticipate any disruption in the distribution or supply chain."

Gold’s Pure Foods was family-owned until it was bought by Chicago-based LaSalle Capital in 2015 and absorbed into Vermont-based Westminster Foods LLC.

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